80 Lagoon Ave - Show Home Under Construction!

Work is well and truly under way - foundations going in on site and the huts being constructed under a single factory roof in Christchurch. Love it - doing two things at once!

Controlling time and quality. LVL wall and ceiling frames are the ultimate in dry straight timber, they will never see a drop of rain, CLT flooring panels coming in off the ship shortly, 110mm thick flooring panels provide structure, insulation and finished floor surface all in one. Being factory built with a panelised system means maximum efficiency. Designed to fit the 1200mm standard we are minimizing waste. Panels are built on a table meaning the builders are working at ergonomic heights and panels are mechanically turned minimizing lifting and strain. 

Designed by yours truly (Sonia Waters:) and built by Welhaus in Christchurch and Tom Hudson in Wanaka these three little passive house huts will be craned into position before Christmas. Will update you with the load-in date/s when known - will have a street bbq to celebrate!