Open Home - 5th and 12th May

Huts are our home!

6 by 6 meters with a 2 meter eave, 140mm timber frame, wool insulation, double wrap, triple cavity, CLT floor, factory built, any internal configuration you wish,

mountain hut inspired, high quality European details, New Zealand vernacular,

warm efficient love space, built to maximise production efficiency, maximise comfort levels, minimise ongoing running costs.

environmentally sensitive, passionate architecture.

save consultant fees and construction cost with off the shelf design, known process, time and quality,

our doors are open to you in May, come experience the space for yourself,

Waters Huts at 80 Lagoon Ave, Albert Town, Wanaka

016 - 80 Lagoon Ave APR 2018.jpg
004 - 80 Lagoon Ave APR 2018.jpg