Autumn... looking forward to our first winter in a Passive House

Temperatures are dropping, leaves falling, and we listen to the quiet of autumn at the Lagoon. 

What is it like to be in a super-insulated Hut on a cold day? 

Amazing.... peaceful, warm, and our power bills from Flick show exactly what we are doing on a day by day basis - NOT turning on the heat pumps as we don't have any!. In fairness, on a very cold day we do need a heat source. In Base Hut we light the fire (and open the windows when the low emission, high output, Pyroclassic mini gives us more heat than we need), Top Hut I installed one electric wall mounted panel heater - low space, low energy, on a thermostat and timer. And in Mid Hut with my bedroom and studio, I am still experimenting with no additional heat source. 

When the sun shines, warmth is captured and retained. When the sun does not shine, on a 2 degree day with a persistent inversion layer, the fire is perfect. The best thing is, the heat you put into a Hut, is retained for far longer than a standard Code compliant house. 

I have never lived in a highly insulated home before, and I suspect many New Zealanders have not either. If you are in the area, feel free to give me a call for a visit. I am happy to share ideas and details with those interested in highly efficient homes.

Much love,



Waters Huts, Albert Town, Wanaka - May 2018

Waters Huts, Albert Town, Wanaka - May 2018